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Commitment. Innovation. Success

Our vision is to enhance our customer’s lives by providing sustainable, reasonably priced and appropriate solutions for their needs.

DEPE Projects is an international consulting company that offers development, design, engineering, procurement, construction, project management, technical and professional services (EPC).

Our team of experts provides innovative, pragmatic solutions that help our customers, partners, and suppliers pilot through some of the world’s more difficult challenges.


DEPE Projects’ main goal is to help clients successfully through the creation and execution of significant project management and international investment programs.

We share our expertise with clients across services, markets, and geographies to deliver transformative outcomes.


At DEPE Projects we strive to live up to our 5 company values:


Teamwork produces the best solutions, and by working closely with our colleagues, contractors, and customers, we can successfully deliver projects. Our team is made up from people located in the regions where we serve our customers, and where our partners and suppliers are located.


We always listen to others, act honestly, and with integrity. We will always raise difficult issues if we can see they stand in the way of a successful project.


Our project experiences ensure that we understand that the unexpected will happen and we have developed the processes to deal with it when it does. We are flexible in our planning so that we can provide the most appropriate outcome for your project.


At DEPE Projects our team prides themselves on being proactive and effective in our approach to every project, which enables us to deliver an optimal and effective result.

Social Responsibility

Projects involve many risks involved, and we have built our reputation on using best practices that guarantee each project is conducted ethically and safely. And, of course, our projects come in on time and on the budget too.


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