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EPC- Turnkey Projects

The need for full turnkey solutions has been steadily increasing around the world. Thus it is quite challenging to find the right EPC partners that are competent in both technology and market as well as being reliable in terms of time, quality and cost.

DEPE Projects is aware of all the challenges and market drivers our customers face. Therefore it offers full turnkey solutions as “One-Stop Service” with conceptual design, feasibility research, design, production, construction and operation & maintenance. The company is located in Europe and works together with experts and partners who are from Europe and the Middle East.

Why Choose EPC

EPC contracts allow an owner to interact with a single contractor throughout the duration of the project. This contract in turn manages all relationships with any subcontractors, making it easy for the owner to oversee the project and evaluate progress based on clearly defined performance measures. When left in the hands of a capable contracting firm, EPC Turnkey projects can reduce construction costs, as well as overall turnaround time.

Why DEPE Projects?
Our skills, professional background, and ever growing team of industry experts allows DEPE to navigate significant EPC challenges with competency and efficiency with in the Middle East. Our resources mean you’ll have readily available access to the perfect solution for your turnkey project.

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