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Our Offer for Experts Hiring

We look for IT experts and Engineers in the following areas; Data Security, CC+, Python, Software developers

Availability of skilled employees for innovative technologies is one the critical success factors for European Tech Companies.  On one hand the need for technical skills and competences is increasing. On the other hand, the amount of available skilled workforce in europe is decreasing due to the demographic changes in european societies.

What we offer for European TECH Companies:

At DEPE Projects we know it perfectly how to help you. Part of our team members are originally from the developing regions. We have access to the top talents in Turkey, Middle East and Central Asia. From own experience we know how important to identify, select and integrate the right employees.  Therefore we developed solutions to enable the employees before they move to europe to their future workplaces. Contact us for further info.

What we offer for Experts from Turkey, Middle East and Central Asia:

We consult you about the hiring possibilities, requirements of potential employers. If you have the right profile and you are qualified as an expert by us, we we help you to get the job and get prepared for your future employers.

Please contact us if you:

  • Studied IT, Data Science, Computer Science, Engineering
  • Perfect English Skills
  • Basic level of german language
  • Ready to invest in your future

If you believe that you are the right fit, you can send us your application letter and cv.


If you need a reliable business partner for your Middle East and Central Asia business

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