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Petrochemicals and Refineries

With the global marketplace becoming increasingly more competitive, the need for efficiency and minimal downtime has never been more important to refinery and petrochemical plant owners. The integrated refinery and petrochemical plant solutions offered by DEPE Projects and its qualified partners provide value-added services tailored to each client’s needs in an effort to help them meet their goals of improved reliability, peak plant performance and minimized downtime.

DEPE Projects provides technical consulting services to support petrochemical facilities and refineries. With many years experiences and sound engineering principles, DEPE Projects can help manage the risk of operating old plant and minimise the risks associated with plant design. Primary areas of practice include risk management, structural engineering, analysis and simulation, design and assessment fluid mechanics and geotechnical engineering with an experienced, flexible and versatile staff derived from a wide range of engineering and scientific disciplines including structural, mechanical, civil, geotechnical, chemical and petroleum engineers alongside physicists, chemists, and mathematicians.

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